Dnipromax project, a three phased logistical project taking advantage of the massive throughput potential of the Ukrainian rivers.

50 million tons of cargo is transported by 2.715km of inland waterways. Ukrainian cereal export is forecasted to grow from 25 to 50 million tons until 2035 – just as one example.

Grain also represents the largest driver of cargo turnover, with a 33% share.

The DniproMax Project – 3 phases

phase 1 - 2019


phase 2

Silo Implementations
Along The Coast Line

phase 3

Port & Facility

Full Service Logistical Operator according to Scandinavian Standarts

Phase 1 - 2019 river

After several years of market studies and smaller logistical operations on the Ukrainian logistics market, we are currently modernizing the logistics of Ukrainian rivers here in Phase 1.

From a business point the DniproMax Project will optimize current logistical bottlenecks, while being an environmental first mover in reducing emissions per M2.

This starts from the very first phase, by using barges instead of trucks and ships to move goods.

Phase 2 silo

In this phase, DniproMax will focus on implementing silos along the banks of the Dnipro River.

DniproMax is looking at renewing old silos and existing infrastructure to build brand new silos. The emphasis is on four hubs along the river at the cities Zaporozhye, Dnepro, Kremenchug and Cherkasy.

Phase 3 silo

At Royal Randers we don’t settle for less. In the 5-year program we also want to optimize port facility management.

Our Project Partners have been in close dialogue with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics in Ukraine since 2016. In 2018 the Ministry held their first Ukrainian Port Forum in Odessa. There is a clear tendency from officials in Ukraine to try to move the same way as DniproMax, leveraging the massive throughput potential of the Ukrainian rivers to circumvent logistical bottlenecks on land.

Ukraine will be modernizing infrastructure, deepening waters and optimizing railroads before DniproMax will enter its third phase in 2022.

The Blue Ocean In Logistics Lies
In The Ukrainian Rivers

Ukrainian Ministry of Transport and Logistics confirms 15M tons of grain should be transported on Ukrainian Rivers to global shipping lines. The Dnipromax Project will take advantage
of this possibility. Ukraine provided an export potential in 2017 for Wheat,
Maze and Barley of 64M tons!

Current transportation on Ukrainian rivers is only at 10% of its potential. With TISc as our partner, we get access to a direct transport potential of 13.5M tons of grains and 6.5M tons of other goods.

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